USDA-Approved liquid bacteria/enzyme product
Application Areas:
​* Residential and commercial septic tanks
* To remove buildup from drains and pipes
* Waste treatment facilities and ATU's
* To remove organic stains
* To remove pet stains and associated odors
*To use as laundry pre-soak for organic stains (blood, fecal matter, urine)

Septic Tank and Cesspool Treatment
Recommended Dosages:

Septic Tanks:  one quart per month applied down any drain in the home.
Garbage Disposals:  safe to apply 2-4 oz. per month to remove buildup and odors.
For stain/odor removal: dab or spray CCLS full-strength on affected area as needed.
Keep CCLS in a spray bottle to safely treat cat litter box, diaper pails, garbage cans, etc.

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